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Waverley Plastics


Waverley Plastics purchases and recycles plastic scrap, specifically rigid HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). 

At the heart of Waverley Plastics the core ethic that every kilogram of plastic recycled is a kilogram kept out of landfill sites. 

A Little Bit

About Us​

Waverley Plastics is an experienced, Zimbabwe based, family owned business.

As a company we aim to fulfil all our customers container needs in a professional and efficient manner at the lowest possible cost, while still maintaining the highest level of quality.

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Waverley Plastics

Bulk manufacturers and suppliers of all your Plastic Container needs as well as HDPE Plastic Recycling for a better tomorrow

Contact Us

Cellular: 00 263 731 345 678

Cellular : 00 263 788 622 933

Cellular : 00 263 731 360 161

VoIP line: 08612 345 6789

E-mail: plastics@waverley.co.zw

E-mail: plastic@waverley.co.zw

E-mail: plastic2@waverley.co.zw


Our Location

Southerton Branch

86 Simon Mazorodze